Light-Weight Broadband Blade Antenna


ROBUST CONNECTIVITY FOR CRITICAL REAL-TIME APPLICATIONS The Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM, German Touring Car Masters), a racing series at the highest level.

The DTM is motorsport at the very highest level and fertile ground for innovation. The organizers, as well as the TV production and teams are always interested in the latest technologies. This means that these developments must meet the highest standards of mechanical and electrical reliability and robustness.

High Performance Antennas in Motorsport

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In this racing sport, it‘s all about milliseconds. This means the focus on permanent improvement and constant performance gain is clearly in the foreground. To meet this aspiration, the DTM generally has very high requirements for all its components and suppliers. This is one of the reasons why every detailed component is optimized.

A key component is a robust radio link to the vehicle under all vehicle configurations and route scenarios. This is primarily used to send safety-critical information to the driver. However, since the 2018 radio ban, the team has no longer been allowed to communicate strategic inputs to the driver during the race – although the driver can contact the pit at any time. This is why smooth communication between the driver, the car and the command post is crucial. PIDSO‘s Blade antenna is a groundbreaking development that offers an optimal solution for this high-speed sport.

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